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Andy Warhol Campbell 18 Crayons, Tomato Soup - Orange



Can the crayons. 

Campbell’s Soup Cans—first exhibited in 1962—is arguably one of Andy Warhol’s most iconic and popular works. Inside this deliciously fun tin can inspired by Warhol’s original artwork (and the same size as an actual Campbell’s Soup can!), find 18 different crayons with Warhol-inspired names like “Tomato Soup Red” and “Banana Yellow”—making this the perfect tin for creative tykes and Warhol collectors alike.

  • Tin can measures 4" high x 2" diameter
  • 18 crayons
  • Colors included are: Licorice Marilyn, Hot Dog Bean Soup, Chili Beef Soup, Silver Factory, Grape Marilyn, Lavender Flowers, Blue Jackie, Blue Cat, Blue Liz, Green Pea Soup, Cream of Celery Soup, Yellow Banana, Orange Disaster, Tomato Soup, Fuchsia Daisy, Pink Cow, Space Fruit Peach, and Invisible Sculpture. 

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