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Blackwing Eras 2022 Edition 12 blyanter



Blackwing is back with its third ERAS edition. The Eras collections are honouring and celebrating Blackwing's rich history by giving tribute to iconic original Blackwing designs.

This special edition pencil is the third entry in the Blackwing Eras series - honoring Blackwing's heritage with designs inspired by the Blackwing 602's unique history. 

This Eras pencil sports a retro design inspired by the arrow-punched ferrule found on Blackwing pencils in the mid-20th century. Each box includes 12 special edition pencils that feature a dark grey barrel, gold arrow-punched ferrule, gold imprint, red eraser, and our extra-firm graphite.

  • Each box contains 12 pencils
  • Extra-firm graphite
  • Hexagonal pencils
  • Iconic square Blackwing ferrule in gold with a red eraser (you can refill the erasers)
  • Made in Japan from renewable Californian incense-cedar
  • Limited edition
  • The Blackwing pencil has a rich history dating back to 1934. In 2008, Palamino acquired the brand and began production of the Blackwing range as we know it today. Blackwing pencils are famously known for their quality of graphite and the unique softness and smoothness of their lead. The Blackwing pencil has an instantly recognisable semi hexagonal body and interchangeable eraser. The original 602 pencil single handedly inspired the works of some of history's greatest throughout the years. It is said that Disney animator Shamus Culhane asked to be buried with his Blackwing 602. 

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