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FIVE METAL SHOP Calendar Project 2024 - NEW!



Five Metal Shop 'Calendar Project 2024'

“ A calendar that makes each day count ”

The Calendar Project by Five Metal Shop is an experiment to see how an almost obsolete object with a quiet cultural significance might be brought back made relevant again in a modern context by using modern printing, papers, illustrations and design.

Printing and special color ink and 100% manual binding
The 2024 Pantone color combination with bright hope still maintains the highest thin paper printing specifications on the market. The calendar features two unique Pantone colours for each month, and is seen and being used for more than just a reminder of passing time.
It is a new piece of loose paper after each day passes; people use it to sketch, to write a love letter, or to save it as a physical proof that you've made it through this day.
- In it, you will find a yearly overview page with all 12 months of 2024 and as each month transitions, monthly overview pages in between the daily pages.
- More than 85 illustrations for special days like New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas...
- 100% manual binding, from 1/1 to 12/31, all 385 pages.
- Superfine 30gsm paper used (0.05mm thickness each page)
- 18.4 X 12.3 cm
- Made in Taiwan
 Award-winning design
From the Five Metal Shop team;
The Calendar Project for the team has always been a social experiment since day one. It is ​ to see how an almost obsolete object might be brought back and made relevant again in a modern context by using modern printing, papers, illustrations and design.​

Traditionally in East Asia a calendar contains the day, month and year but also the date in the lunar calendar along with various information pertaining to the ‘wisdom’ of that particular day,such as indications of good days for farming and ploughing, getting married and so on. ​
​The project tries to keep authentic to the typology of a traditional calendar and explore with the printing, the use of the paper and Pantone colours and of course, the design. We endeavor to present a modern version of a paper calendar and leave the creativity to how you use it . ​
In the printing method, we tried to reduce the penetrability of the paper. After testing back and forth with the printing factory, in order to avoid the difficulty of hanging as thick as a dictionary, we struggled with the increasing printing cost every year. We chose to maintain the 0.05mm single gloss paper, which feels like a grandfather. The traditional calendar at home is average, and it is still the only hand-tipped thin paper calendar on the market that is hand-bound by the master.

The hardware store calendar uses 10 Pantone special color inks (6 features / 2 fluorescent colors / 2 metallic colors). After being hand-crafted by the master, it must land on a large area of thin and brittle paper perfectly. It cannot be thick enough to be printed or allowed. The color is too light, and can complete complex printing of 12 different color combinations. It depends on a master who has more than 30 years of experience in the printing factory.


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