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HOBONICHI Cover A6, Desk Garden



Takashi Makino curates Japan’s highest-quality textiles for the top brands across the world in fashion and sports. His famous “Makino Collection” series was featured in popular Hobonichi Techo covers for four years, from 2009 to 2012. 
The collection returns in the 2020 lineup, with covers featuring textiles recommended by Makino.

Desk Garden is a solf, silky green fabric dotted with pink flowers. Soft white spots are sewn into the fabric, giving the appearance of butterflies or cotton balls or small flowers. The blue triangles are also eye-catching. Are they birds? Are they flowers? Maybe they’re just reflections of light in the green grass.

This intricate fabric has textured elements, but these white puff-balls are not sewn into the textile afterwards — they’re included at the time of manufacturing. As long as you do not pull at the fabric too strongly, these spots will not fall off of the cover.

The cover interior is made with faux leather, and the material placed between this and the thin cover fabric gives the cover a soft feel.

This cover is a pleasant desk-mate, designed to make it feel like you have a little garden growing close at hand.


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