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HOBONICHI Weeks 2023, My Friends



Hobonichi Techo Weeks English version

This Weeks book is based on Shigesato Itoi’s 1989 game for the Famicom, MOTHER (EarthBound Beginnings in North America).
My Friends is made from the same fabric used in neckties. The cover is deep red and finely embroidered with characters from the first installment of the MOTHER series, including the main character Ninten and the other characters he befriends on his adventure: Loid, who is shy but smart; Ana, who is kind and has mysterious powers; and Teddy, a ruthless gang leader who was kind as a boy. Other characters temporarily join your party on the way, and you’ll spot them in the design too. Pippi, who got lost in Mother’s Day and was saved by Ninten, and the brave warrior Flying Man, who came to Ninten’s rescue in Magicant, both make appearances. The cover has been constructed as a light, hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends. 

This weekly edition is a compact book easy to carry around. The book is slim, making it easy to fit anywhere. The main design of the book consists of a weekly calendar on the left page and blank graph paper on the right page. Hobonichi Weeks is a slim and stylish alternative to the A5 and A6 Hobonichi Techo planners for anyone who doesn't need a full page for every day of the year. Like the standard Techo, the Weeks uses super-thin yet incredibly high-quality Tomoe River paper, letting it fit an amazing number of pages into a compact package. Hobonichi planners are designed as blank canvases for documenting the small moments of everyday life. Use this planner as a diary, scrapbook, photo album, sketchbook, or simply as a place to record your thoughts! Although slim at first glance, the book contains 240 pages in total.

  • Monthly calendars at the front of the planner. Each month gets a two-page spread, giving you enough space to note your most important reminders for each day. From December 2022 to April 2024. Each month occupies two pages. 
  • Notes section: At the end of the planner are 68 memo pages for you to add any notes and sketches that don't fit into the weekly planner section.
  • Stitch binding: The stitched binding lies flat, making the planner easy and comfortable to write in.
  • Ribbon bookmarks: Two ribbon bookmarks so that you can mark your place in both the planner and memo portions of the book.
  • Pocket sticker: An adhesive pocket sticker that you can add to one of the inside covers to let you carry maps, receipts, and other slips of paper.
  • Reference: A variety of reference pages in Japanese, including conversion tables, posture guidelines, and a disaster-preparedness checklist.

Dimensions:18,6 x 9,5 cm

Made in Japan



The Hobonichi Techo is much more than a planner: it's an internationally famous lifestyle icon. This cult planner features a minimal and functional design and is full of little details that make it absolutely unique, such as quotes and informational pages about Japanese history, annual events, and folk tales.


The Hobonichi Techo is made by Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun (ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞), a website and lifestyle brand curated by Japanese copywriter Shigesato Itoi. Hobonichi comes from the word meaning “almost everyday” and techo meaning “planner.”

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