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Parker Sonnet Red/Gold Fyllepenn, Fine nib



First introduced in 1994, the Sonnet is classic Parker at its best. The simple cigar-shaped profile doesn't stand out too much, and makes it a comfortable pen to handle, while a range of beautiful finishes mean it can stand out as much or as little as you like. The pen has been overlaid with rich lacquer to give it a sophisticated glossy red finish, and is accented with gold-plated trim. The gold-plated stainless steel nib is decorated with a latticework pattern and stamped with the Parker name. 

Gold-plated steel nib. Fill with cartridges, or bottled ink using the supplied converter. 133mm long capped, 124mm uncapped, 147mm posted. 12mm wide, 9.5mm at grip, weighs 28g.

Parker pens are classic and historical with their characteristic arrow clips, and are always popular as pen gifts. The modern Sonnet pens make up one of Parker's most successful collections ever. Timeless beauty is combined with a contemporary design. 

Fine Nib Gold-plated Stainless Steel


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