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Pilot Metropolitan Fyllepenn, Gold



Featuring a stylish metal body and exceptionally smooth steel nib ( M ), the Metropolitan is a perfect choice for new and experienced fountain pen users alike. It comes in a gift box with one black ink cartridge. This Animal Print inspired Metropolitan features a stylish matte white finish with a classy yet undeniably wild tiger stripe pattern decorating the middle band. 

Represents extraordinary value for money the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen is renowned world wide as the best "Beginners" fountain pen. With its solid, all metal construction and the beautifully smooth behaviour of its nibs which allows your writing to just glide across the page. 

Pilot Pen Corporation, founded in 1918, is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan. Known for its leadership in product innovation, Pilot Pen Corporation consistently introduces bestselling items to the marketplace for consumers to enjoy. 

Pilot fountain pens embody the very best in Japanese design and engineering. Germany and Japan lead the way in excellence in Fountain pen design and Pilot are amongst the very best in Japanese manufacturers. Pilot manages the delicate balance between quality and price very well, and this is particularly evident in the MR series.

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