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Postalco Veggkalender 2019

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When you first enter a new year, it can be daunting to plan ahead - especially when most calendars section off time into days, weeks and months, disregarding the "bigger picture."

This wall calendar lays out each day of 2019 on one 57 cm x 46 cm sheet, making it easy to look ahead - or "make elusive time visible," as the maker of this calendar, Postalco, says. Each day has just enough space to write a brief note, and at the bottom of each month there are extra lines for reminders, plans and ideas that don't fit into a particular day.

Postalco makes its products entirely in Japan. The paper is crafted from boiled natural fibers and formed into thin, smoothly textured paper, creating an ideal writing surface on which to sketch in your plans. The paper is also pH-neutral, meaning that it will not yellow over time.




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