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Tombow Bristol Paper Pad 250 g/m2, A4



The Tombow Lettering Bristol Paper Pad is ideal for both dry and liquid drawing media. The paper provides the perfect background for illustrations, drawings, designs and studies.

The paper in this Tombow Lettering Bristol Paper Pad is bright white 250gsm. It is acid free, has a smooth surface and errors are easily erasable. The Tombow Lettering Bristol Paper Pad is A4 and contains 25 sheets of paper suitable for fibre pen, ink, pencil, crayon, calligraphy etc.

Format: A4 - 21 cm x 29.7 cm

What does the term Bristol paper mean?

You may already have noticed that many manufacturers also call their drawing paper ‘Bristol paper’. This is a term for paper that is glued together from multi-layered sheets. In the past, paper mills sent their best papers for gluing to the English city of Bristol and so the name became associated with a particular level of quality.

Bristol paper has a satin-coated, smooth surface. It is particularly good for designs and drawings using pen and ink, and for working with markers or brush pens. Bristol papers and Bristol boards have robust surfaces and are perfect for final artworks and illustrations that you may want to work on a little longer and more intensively.

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