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Tombow TWINTONE PASTEL tusjer, 12 stk dualtip



Tombow Twin Tone Dual Tip Markers are the perfect pens for journalling, sketchnoting, doodling, lettering and much more, adding a burst of colour to your work. They'll be excellent for hand lettering work. 

The markers feature two tips, ideal for creating thinner and thicker lines to suit each and every project. The bullet tip has a 0.8mm line width while the fineliner tip has a 0.3mm line width. 

Each of the markers features waterbased ink that won't bleed through most papers. There are 12 colours included. Mix and match your favourites to create unique designs. 

  • 0.3mm and 0.8mm tips
  • 12 pack
  • Features twin tips (fineliner and bullet tip)
  • Waterbased ink
  • Ideal for journalling, sketchnoting, doodling, lettering and more


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