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Travelers Notebook Diary 2023 MONTHLY, Passport size



This 2023 Monthly Diary Passport Size TRAVELER'S Notebook serves you as an easy overview of the month ahead. When on business, holiday or blocking out special dates. Obviously, it is not the diary you can take all notes in for every occasion on your calendar. It is also great to use it as a journal to write down what made you smile that each day.

The calendar includes a timetable-map, scheme's of Metric Measures and Equivalents, other useful tables of information (for when your mobile device runs out), and some blank pages.

For the 2023 TRC diairies, TRAVELER'S notebook is lik a movie soundtrack that brings back memories. The TRC design team designed the diary guide, customizing sticker, plastic sheet and clear holder with the feeling that you will start the new year 2023 such as opening a new movie. 

Fits the passport size TRAVELER'S notebook
Measures 148x 85mm
Runs from December 2022 to January 2024

Counts 48 pages
Bonus: includes diary guide with sticker

TRAVELER’S notebook

A leather notebook cover, which is easily transformed into the notebook you need it to be. We love that TRAVELER’S notebook is like a blank canvas, its starter kit is a leather cover and a blank refill notebook, which you can easily replace when full.




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