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You detect something of a quest for perfection in Postalco’s work. A sliver of imagination that sticks itself into something not quite good enough and prises it open, revealing new territories within. Founded in Brooklyn, New York Postalco are now based in Tokyo, Japan. Postalco has a passion for everyday objects and their relationships with them. The logo is the carrier pigeon inspired by communication on paper.
Based in Tokyo for over 15 years, Postalco are dedicated to finding new ways to apply Japanese craft in daily life. The products are often materially dependant, reflecting a precise history of the leather, brass, cotton and fabric with which they were made. Postalco products are created to be used by anyone – male or female, young or old, people from all walks of life worldwide. What sets Postalco’s designs apart are their supreme utility and ineffable warmth blended with the beauty of understatement. Lush Dive is a proud stockist of Postalco.



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