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Postalco Pingraph Pad



This Postalco Pingraph Pad counts 60 pages and features the original Pingraph pattern designed by Postalco, a pattern we know and love from their Postalco Notebooks. The Pingraph paper is slightly thinner than the 1mm original. 

The colour of the paper is almost soothing to the eyes, and serves as a very nice background for whatever scribbles or handwriting you fill this sheet with. It’s surface texture ideal for ballpoint pen, pencil and fountain pen. 

The grid makes it perfect to have a little more guidance to draw straight lines or write a line that is straight and not wavy. Yet, as the grid is this tiny, the paper easily presents itself as a blank sheet, without the boundaries that grid or lined paper may have.

Measures 17,8 x 13,7 cm
Postalco’s original chlorine-free Pin-graph paper
Includes 60 sheets

Made in Japan




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