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Möbius & Ruppert – Brass “Grenade” Pencil Sharpener

Established in 1922, the family-owned company Möbius & Ruppert is widely known for their high-quality brass pencil sharpeners which are made in Erlangen, Germany. The sharpeners are used by artists, designers and students worldwide.

Among the various Möbius & Ruppert pencil sharpener models, the handheld, single-hole sharpener presented here features an unusual half-barrel design which looks similar to a grenade, hence the product’s name. According to the book Handbuch für Papier und Bürobedarf from 1949, this iconic design has been around since the 1890s. Made of solid brass, the unbreakable sharpener is suited for round, hexagonal and triangular profile pencils with a diameter of up to 8 mm. The knurled surface provides a solid grip. The hardened and highly corrosion-resistant blade is also made in the Möbius & Ruppert factory.

The “grenade” is clearly built to last and has a nice quality feel to it.

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