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Artline 200 Drawing Pen 0,4 flere farger



Artline Drawing Pen is perfect for writing, drawing and sketching. It contains instant drying ink that's blur-proof allowing 
you to share your work immediately with others and so that you won't have to worry about smudges and smears.
• Ink Type : Water Based
• Product Type : Fineliner pen
• Pen Type : 200 (0.4mm)
• This fineliner is ideal for precise writing and creative drawing on paper or card in any workspace.
• The lid has a pocket clip so you can easily take it on the go.
• The ink is xylene free and ROHS compliant.
• The ink is also blur proof for neat, smear free and consistent writing.
• It's ideal for precise work such as stencilling or lettering.
• The water-based ink dries instantly to prevent smudges and smears.
• The ink won't bleed through paper so you can write on both sides of each page.

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