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Blackwing Vol 20, Limited Edition 12 blyanter



The famed Blackwing pencil has a limited edition series called Volumes. Each quarter they release a new box of 12 pencils celebrating the people, places and events that have defined our creative culture. The Volumes series has become highly collectible.

Blackwing 20 celebrates tabletop games and the cherished moments they can create. Features a raised polyhedron design inspired by gaming dice and our firm graphite.The types of games we play and the way we play them have evolved. Some of the earliest tabletop games - like chess, mancala, and senet - were games of strategy. Today, math, language, storytelling, and more help forge unique gameplay experiences for countless different games.

With just a pencil, notebook, and a set of dice, you can become a real estate tycoon, a wordsmith, or an adventurer on a quest. You can team with others to solve a mystery, or build the ultimate baseball team to crush the competition. The only limit is your imagination… and the rules of the game, of course.


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