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Delfonics Rollbahn Sticky Memo WEEK



Special sticky note for Rollbahn that allows you to customize the memo page (Week schedule)

The top of the sticky note is glued on. The Weekly sticky note is a two-tiered weekly organizer that can be customized like a scheduler. 20 sheets included. The weekly memo pages can be customized like a notebook. 20 sheets, each with only the days of the week, and the dates can be written in by yourself. The space in the lower right corner of the second column can be used for writing small notes or tasks. The cream-colored paper matches the color of Rollbahn notes paper, so it blends in well with the pages. The charm of these sticky notes is that they can be freely reattached. Even after being pasted once, they can be removed cleanly. You can use it not only for notebooks, but also for jotting down small notes and attaching it to documents, your desk, the edge of your PC, etc. A single L-size page of Rollbahn Pocket is large enough to hold about three sheets vertically.

Material: Paper
Size: Width 50 x Length 100 mm / [Package] Width 58 x Length 137 x Thickness 5 mm
Specifications: Sticky notes / 20 sheets

Made in Japan

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