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Delfonics Sticky Memo 2 design x 15 sheets ROSE




Post-it notes with a motif of a blooming flower (2 types, 15 sheets each)

A stationery flower series featuring dignified blooming flowers. This post-it note is impressive with its graphically drawn flowers and bright colors.
There are 15 sheets each of two types of sticky notes depicting blooming flowers and bouquets. Not only can it be used with memos and diaries, but it can also be used as a message card to write a small message and hand it out. A flower motif that gives off a mature charm in a lovely atmosphere. The bold composition graphically expresses the vibrant blooming, creating a gorgeous and fun pattern.  

Material: Paper Size: Width 70 x Height 70mm/[Package] Width 85 x Height 122 x Thickness 3mm (with header) Specifications: 30 sheets (15 sheets of each pattern)

Made in Japan.


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