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Foglietto – Kanban Millefoglie – Organizer of sheets A4




Keep your Foglietto index cards organized

Be a completely visual index card organizer. Its shape inspired by a screen will allow you to have up to 120 A7 index cards organized in front of you. It is perfect for developing projects, studying or working.

Contain 1 A4 organizers to combine with the interchangeable white, cream, pink, blue and yellow markers. The organizer has holes on the side so you can fold it and file it in a folder. You can put together several organizers within the same folder and use each one for a different topic or project.
Foglietto has designed the complete package and therefore has also created interchangeable markers to separate the organizers and sets of different types of cards so you never run out of space to write down.Assign each separator on index cards to a different topic and you will always find what you are looking for.

Printed in France using vegetable-based inks 

(22 x 29.5 cm)

This French brand created in 2019 is inspired by a historic stationery item: the index cards and modular filing systems invented in the 18th century. The index card has accompanied scientists, philosophers and writers for hundreds of years. But to bring this object of the past into the present, its founder has used the most modern, energetic and colourful design to differentiate it from the linear and rigid organisation method of notebooks. With its modular format, Foglietto seeks to promote agility, visual management, the exchange and movement of ideas, both in your organisation and in your day-to-day life.




Inspired by the first index cards and the modular filing systems invented in the 18th century, Foglietto is the heir to a historic stationery item. Its ancestor, the index card, has accompanied scientists, philosophers and writers in their work for more than two centuries. 

In 2019, the founder of Foglietto is drawing on the experience of these historic user testers and more recent design techniques to rethink the iconic desk accessory that is the index cards. This is how Foglietto was launched in December 2019. Today, Foglietto Made in France brand is present in shops in six European countries as well as in North America. 

Foglietto is, in terms of organisation, the only alternative to the linear and fixed format of the notebook. Unlike the latter, Foglietto promotes agility, visual management, collaboration and iteration, at the heart of the modern working methods and innovation processes.

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