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Herbin Straight Glass Dip Pen, Calanque Blue



Each pen is hand crafted and therefore unique. A nib with small grooves means it can hold more ink which results in less dipping. They are light and comfortable in the hand too. Originating in 17th century Venice, the glass pen has seen a revival in popularity lately and you can find many in use in Tiktok or Instagram videos, they are handy for trying and using lots of ink colours as they combine the benefits of being easy to write with and also easy to change colours.

These pens can be used with any inks, which will wash off the tip in water. Fountain pen inks, pigmented inks or our artist inks such as the Wallace Seymour inks - even watered down watercolour paints.

They write for a long time on one dip, thanks to the grooves on the glass nib which channel the ink slowly to the tip. Anyone testing them for the first time at our Pop-up Shops or events is always surprised by how long they will write for.

Available in Light Blue and Green, the pens come boxed with a little square of fine grade sandpaper for refining the tip if needed. The box makes it gift-ready and is handy to store the pen between uses, since it's not suitable for tossing into a pencil case. You can also display your glass pens to create an elegant focal point on your desk.














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