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Lamy Al-Star Fyllepenn Petrol, Special Edition 2023 NY!



Lamy Al-Star Fyllepenn Petrol, Special Edition 2023  - Made from lightweight, durable aluminium, this special edition has a satin anodised barrel in a cool and collected pale blue-grey

The LAMY AL-Star is the aluminum big brother to the LAMY Safari. The smoky grey translucent triangular grip section makes it great for those starting out who have no idea how to hold a fountain pen, but it's used and loved by fountain pen lovers of all levels of experience. This brown aluminum AL-Star comes with an interchangeable silver steel nib, which can be easily swapped out for another size. This fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge so you can get started writing right away. If you'd like to use bottled fountain pen ink, you can also purchase a LAMY Z28 converter. A matching special edition Bronze ink is also available but only for a limited time.


  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Made from lightweight durable aluminium
  • Pen comes with one blue ink cartridge
  • Can be fitted with a Lamy Z28 converter to enable use with bottled ink
  • Polished steel nib- 


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