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MD Paper pad Plain, A5



Midori MD Paper Pad Blank A5 was re-launched in 2017. The lower left corner has a 45 degree angle cut off, which makes it easier to tear off a page, without creating so called dog ears on the pad. It is a seemingly small detail, but try it, it does make a difference. Another striking feature are the two sides that act as glue bindings, making sure the pad stays neat when on your desk.

Measures 21 x 15 cm
Counts 90 sheets of Midori signature MD cream paper
Features a lower left corner 45-degree angle cut off
Two sides are glued together
Made in Japan

Midori MD Paper 

MD Paper is Midori’s pride when it comes to the art of making paper. Being a stationery manufacturer from the 1950’s, MD Paper can be described as part of their blueprint. Ever since Midori made MD Paper in the 1960’s, they have applied the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ principle, meaning they are continuously looking for ways to improve its quality. The result is paper that will not stain, or bleed and is fantastic to write on, especially with a fountain pen.

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