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Parker Jotter Red Crome Fyllepenn, M nib



Parker Jotter Originals Fountain Pen | Classic Red Finish | Medium Nib | Blue & Black Ink

Jotter Originals, the original design icon capturing thoughts and inspiring new ideas since 1954. The range of Parker fountain pens combine Jotter's distinctive silhouette and arrow clip with a retro colour palette that pays tribute to over 60 years of writing excellence. A vibrant addition to the Jotter family and perfect for on-the-go writing, Parker Jotter Originals brings a retro flair to every stroke of the pen.

  • Jotter Originals Black
  • Glossy black finish with a retro touch inspires original ideas
  • The iconic Jotter design, now as a fountain pen
  • Ultra resistant scratch-free plastic body
  • Feather-shaped medium nib allows you to experience the pleasure of fountain pen writing
  • Includes one long black and one long Black Quink cartridge to take on any writing task that comes your way




The Parker Pen Story 

Over 100 years of creation, innovation and expertise go into the Parker pen story, one man's vision turned to a brilliant reality. Learn how Parker's legacy transformed the art of pen making, from his first patent to earning an Academy Award for the Parker 51 pen. Uncover the history of the Parker pen story, where innovation was used to produce wartime pens and sign peacetime accords. Earning two Royal Warrants and worldwide acclaim, the Parker pen story captures the spirit of entrepreneurship that continues to this day.

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