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Fisher Space Pen Cap-O -Matic Orange Line



Fisher Cap-O-Matic Space Pen from the "First Responders Series" in non-reflective matte black and an orange stripe, showing Fisher's respect and support for Search and Rescue professionals and volunteers

Day in and day out, Search and Rescue volunteers stand at the ready for the next call for help to come in and they rely on gear that works in the harshest environments, making Fisher Space Pen a "go-to” tool, needed on each and every mission. The non-reflective, matte black Cap-O-Matic with the SAR Orange Line printed down the face of the Space Pen’s clip and barrel shows Fishers support for Search and Rescue personnel and the work they do. Whether you’re a SAR volunteer, family member of one or anyone who supports our Search and Rescue community, you won’t find any better way to show it than buying the NEW Cap-O-Matic SAR Orange Line Space Pen.

About Fisher Space Pen:

Original Fisher Space Pen – Pen used by the Apollo Astronauts as well as various other Space Missions.

These pens were developed for NASA, sent into space – and they work perfectly! They do not only work in space but write upside-down, underwater, in sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic or in the Sahara Desert! You need a pen that is reliable – get a Fisher Space Pen!

It is used on all manned Space Flights- American and Russian.

Brand Fisher Space Pen Co.
Refill Type Black Medium



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