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Penco Prime Timber Mekanisk blyant, Brun



Penco Prime Timber 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil, a great writing instrument from the fresh Japanese brand Hightide. Sporting an updated design for 2022, the body of this 2.0mm mechanical pencil is made of cedar wood from the US. The bright and playful color combinations of these pencils give it the retro and vintage look that is consistent with other stationeries from the Hightide's Penco collection. A 2.0mm lead sharpener is included with this pencil and can be used to sharpen the lead to a point. 

  • Updated 2022 design
  • 160 mm long; 8 mm diameter
  • Made of wood, brass and ABS plastic
  • 2mm type B lead
  • Lead sharpener included
  • Colors: Yellow, Mint, Orange and Brown

A superb mechanical pencil, the result of a collaboration between Penco and Hightide. Fragrant cedar body gives the experience (and scent) of a traditional pencil, but the well-functioning internal components make this a superb mechanical instrument, thick 2.0 mm lead, metal fittings. Each pencil comes with a 2.0 mm sharpener.

Penco is inspired by a prototypical American hardware store, and as such they are introducing stationery items with an Americana retro feel. Designed in Japan, their range spans from notebooks, diaries to hardware tape dispensers and pens. 






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