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Pilot Custom 743 Fountain Pen, FA Flex Nib



This pen mean business. It's a no frills, executive torpedo shape à la Montblanc,  useable in all settings, not least in a professional one. Some people might find its looks conservative, but it is representative of classic 1930s Japanese pen design - cigar shape, gold ball clip and all. You can't really argue with 'classic'. If you can put function ahead of design than you will truly appreciate this pen. 

This choice of nib, FA (also known as the Falcon nib), developed by Pilot since the 70’s to give a brush effect, is particularly fabulous because it allows razor thin lines and detail, while on down strokes, when more pressure is (gently) applied against the paper, thicker lines are drawn creating flourishes in a calligraphic effect. The Pilot FA nib is world famous and the preferred choice for calligraphic and Spencerian writing.

Body material: Resin
Nib size: FA, with full flex (or feedback as it is is also called)
Nib material: 14k Gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: Can be fitted with a Con-40 or Con-70 converter cartridge; also takes Namiki/Pilot cartridges.
Dimensions: closed 14.5cm, open 12.5cm, posted 15.5cm
Included: presentation box, one black ink cartridge

The first Pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918. At this time, the country was opening up to Western influences and was importing European techniques. Over the years, Pilot has developed into one of the leading fountain pen brands. By listening to their customers, Pilot’s research has enabled them to create new standards in terms of comfort and innovative products.

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