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Pilot Mekanisk Blyant "The Shaker", 0,5 mm



The all-time favorite shaker mechanical pencil combined with the unique ”Shake” or “Press” feeding mechanism.

This classic mechanical pencil features a dual lead advancement mechanism that lets you extend the lead by either pushing the large top button or simply giving the pencil a firm shake. Its wide, ridged grip section is comfortable to hold and gives the pencil a low center of gravity for stable, effortless writing. A 3 mm sliding lead sleeve at the tip provides an unobstructed view of the page and makes it easy to draw along a template or ruler. When you're done using the pencil, the lead sleeve can retract into the tip, protecting the lead sleeve and your pocket.

  • The original Shaker that revolutionized the pencil industry
  • Shake twice and it's ready to write
  • Ribbed grip provides writing comfort
  • Refillable 0.5mm lead and eraser


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