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Rhodia Yellow Pad Linjer, Stiftet A4+



The famous orange Rhodia Pads are much-loved fountain-pen writing pads and professional notebooks. Immaculately designed, the ruled Rhodia pads are everyday tools that provide trustworthy quality. The Rhodia #19 is a large notepad: an excellent student notebook size; the legal notepad has yellow paper and is a recognised tool for the legal profession.

Durable and completely user friendly, the iconic Rhodia Bloc Pad has a scored cover which neatly folds over the top of the pad. The sturdy, coated-board backing and high-quality paper make Rhodia pads easy to use on a desk or handheld. The orange pads are staple-bound, made of acid-free yellow vellum paper and every page is perforated for easy removal. Waterproof cover and cardboard back makes taking notes on the go easy.

  • A4+ - 210 X 318 (8 ¼ x 12 ½ ") - 80 sheets
  • Orange original coated card cover
  • RHODIA superfine vellum paper 80g
  • Stiff backing
  • Micro-perforated sheets





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