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STAEDTLER Pigment Brush Pen 12 stk, Multi ink Basic



What exactly is Multi Ink? 

Staedtler Multi Ink ink is based on premium pigments, which means that even after years of UV exposure, it still achieves extreme lightfastness and exceptional colour brilliance. Does your current pens' ink smear when painting over it? With Multi Ink, this is a thing of the past! What’s more, the water-resistant and fast-drying ink won't ghost or bleed through paper. Multi Ink can be used on almost any surface (e.g. artistic paper, photo paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, and much more). Transform your artwork into vibrant and enduring masterpieces. Get MULTI-creative!

The creative possibilities of Multi Ink:

Intensify colours by layering: Colours can be intensified by painting over several times. This can increase colour saturation and density and create colour gradients

Mix new colours: Interesting new shades can be created by layering two or more different colours.

Create colour gradients: It is possible to create colour gradients with one or more colours while the ink is still wet on the paper. Use one lighter and one darker colour next to each other and then move the lighter colour over where you want the colours to blend.

Tip-to-tip blending: This technique is suitable for small areas where there is not enough space to create a gradient or colour mix with other techniques. Use a light colour as a brush and carefully add a slightly darker colour to the tip.

Create smudge-free outlines and contours: Easily achieve wipe-free contours once the ink has dried, the outlines can be painted over. This feature offers a wide range of possibilities. For example, first draw contours and objects with our pigment arts pens and then add a little background colour with watercolours.

Made in Germany

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