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Stalogy Masking Dots 5 mm, 5 ark/ Fire



These Masking Dots Tape Patches by Stalogy are perfect if you need something to help with organising, archiving and highlighting thanks to the vibrant colours included in each pack. They work great in things like your journal, calendar, notebook, files, binders, workbooks and many others. The Masking Dots are straightforward and easy to use, simply peel them off the sheet and with the sticky side place it to any surface and the adhesive should firmly keep it in place. They are easy to remove and peel off so you can reuse them again as the adhesive lasts a long time and each dot is very durable, versatile and made from a premium Japanese masking paper tape. With their reusable nature each pack will last you a considerable amount of time depending upon how you use them, either simply note a special day and remove and reuse on another or go wild and create some mixed media art project.

Stalogy Masking Dot Tape Patches are used and loved by artists the world over for their unique and quality aesthetic they give to any project. And with their bright and vibrant colour ranges throughout these masking dots colour coordination is made easy and you can even overlap them to make brand new colours as each one is slightly transparent. These masking dots measure 5mm or 0.2 inches in diameter and come in a pack of 5 sheets with 126 dots per sheet giving you plenty to work with.

Brand: Stalogy
Size: 5mm / 0.2 inches diameter
Great for organising, labelling and mixed media art projects
Colour: Neon (Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink)
5 sheets per pack with 126 dots per sheet

Made in Japan



The purpose of stationery has never changed, but the way people use it has evolved. Examining this evolution, the Japanese brand Stalogy strives to maintain high standards and incorporates today's technologies as it creates functional stationery products. This spirit is embodied in the "Stalogy" name, which stands for "Stationery, Standard & Technology". Stalogy Notebooks are award-winning - masterfully designed, combined with high quality material.

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