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Stalogy Editors Thin Sticky Notes, 12 farger 120 stk



STALOGY is a brand of Japanese stationery that emphasizes a combination of simplicity and functionality. This product is useful for classifying and marking information in greater detail.

The film is made of a sturdy and translucent material. This makes it easier to see the information behind the sticky notes.

It is suitable for classifying information in more detail because each sticker is 7.5mm wide, which is thinner than its regular counterpart.

Its wide adhesive area means you can stick it on the paper firmly. Despite this function, it can also be removed cleanly.

This product has 12 colors that are effective in highlighting and distinguishing between information.

  • Contents: 10 sheets × 12 colors
  • Sticky note size: 7.5 × 50mm
  • Made in Japan

 Made in Japan



The purpose of stationery has never changed, but the way people use it has evolved. Examining this evolution, the Japanese brand Stalogy strives to maintain high standards and incorporates today's technologies as it creates functional stationery products. This spirit is embodied in the "Stalogy" name, which stands for "Stationery, Standard & Technology". Stalogy Notebooks are award-winning - masterfully designed, combined with high quality material.

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