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STALOGY Editors’series 1/2 years Notebook A5, Plain NY!



The award winning Stalogy Editor’s Series 1/2 Years Notebooks are now available with plain paper.

Record anything without limitations and write as big or as small as you want.

The thin and super lightweight paper makes the notebook compact and easy to carry, while still preventing ink from bleeding through.The date section, iconic of the gridded notebooks, has also been removed, prioritising flexibility.

The minimal details of this simple-styled notebook make it possible to use as a journal, day planner, or sketchbook. The A5 size is the most popular in the lineup for its balance of spaciousness and portability. 

With superb binding, this notebook can be folded back on itself for one-handed use without worrying about pages falling out. The notebook is sleek and easy to carry because of its thin paper. 

This notebook is designed especially for editors who use their notebooks for various purposes, such as jotting down ideas, recording notes while covering stories, and organizing or laying out ongoing schedules. 


A5: 21cm × 14.8 cm 
- 192 pages

Made in Japan.






The purpose of stationery has never changed, but the way people use it has evolved. Examining this evolution, the Japanese brand Stalogy strives to maintain high standards and incorporates today's technologies as it creates functional stationery products. This spirit is embodied in the "Stalogy" name, which stands for "Stationery, Standard & Technology". Stalogy Notebooks are award-winning - masterfully designed, combined with high quality material.

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