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Stamtitude Wax 10 farger



STAMTITUDE - The Wax Seal Specialists

A single pack of all 10 Stamptitude-branded sealing wax colors - for your wax stamp. These are slightly different to the regular sealing wax because they have a more premium matte finish and contain lots of stunning metallic flecks. They are made from the same flexible wax meaning they will not crumble or break in the post. Each stick can be used to make approximately 6-8 seals (25-30mm)

Add a touch of old world charm to your written correspondence.

Sold in packs of 10

(As for it being a slightly less convenient method, we also do sell a dedicated Melting Kit which is specifically designed to give you everything you need to get started.)





As one of the first companies of this century to bring Wax Seals to the modern market, Stamtitude have made the conscious effort to provide innovative new approaches to the design and manufacture of our products whilst maintaining the values and tradition of the Wax Seal. 

Stamtitude are a family-owned business headquartered in Hong Kong, whose passion for design and attention to detail are well-respected internationally. They are fortunate to have collaborated with some of their favourite artists and calligraphers and to have worked with the likes of Disney, Dior and The Grammys along the way.

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