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TRAVELER'S notebook Brass Pencil TOKYO Edition



Official launch on April 25th.2024 - 09:00 AM

We will get some more of the TRC Tokyo Limited Edition products in August/ September

The Brass Pencil TOKYO Edition is adorned with Tokyo's distinct highlights in a red colored design on the barrel. It comes with a fluorescent orange eraser, of which three refills are included. Just like the original Brass Pencil, it is made from solid brass with a nickel plated cap. Its uniquely clever design features a distinctly small size with the cap on, but once removed and attached onto the back, it transforms into a comfortable, full-size pencil. Its small footprint makes it an excellent choice to take with you on your travels.
The brass pencils are made in a small factory on the outskirts of Tokyo. This facility was originally built as bullet plant during WWII, but was transformed into a pen factory afterwards. To this day, the design of the BRASS pens features a bullet-like aesthetic, a clear indicator of the original purpose of the machines that produce these cases — and a beautiful way to repurpose them.

Measures Ø1,1 x 9,9 cm
Uses original TRC pencil refill
Includes 3 eraser refills
Made from brass

For many years, TRAVELER’S COMPANY has been creating and sharing their dream world with travellers from around the globe – a hotel, their own airline, train and record shop, all of which can be found in TRAVELER’S TOWN. Continuing to build on that dream and taking inspiration from their home base in Tokyo, TRAVELER’S COMPANY invites us all to wander through Japan’s capital city with a new limited edition line-up: the TOKYO Edition.

Lush Dive carry the entire TOKYO line-up, featuring the TRAVELER’S notebook TOKYO Edition, TOKYO Refill, a unique Postcard Refill, Brass Charm, Sticker Set and Brass Pencil.




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