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Tombow 18 stk Brush Pens, Pastell



Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens are versatile double ended markers which are ideal for a range of applications including fine art, manga, illustration, calligraphy/lettering and watercolour effects. The fine bullet tip is perfect for drawing fine, precise lines whilst flexible brush nib can produce a variety of fine and medium lines as well as thicker, bold strokes. Tombow ABT pens are also water-based; allowing the colours to be mixed together and used as watercolours. They are also perfect for craft projects, creating cards, producing motifs, stamping and much more. All pens are blendable, odourless, non-toxic and non-bleed. Colours are not light-resistant.

This set contains a variety of 18 coloured pens presented in a sturdy, white plastic box. The colours included are as follows: N60 Cool Grey 6, N95 Cool Grey 1, 062 Pale Yellow, 192 Asparagus, 243 Mint, 245 Sap Green, 451 Sky Blue, 452 Process Blue, 553 Mist Purple, 603 Periwinkle, 623 Purple Sage, 673 Orchid, 723 Pink, 761 Carnation, 772 Blush, 873 Coral, 912 Pale Cherry and 990 Light Sand.



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