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Tombow Irojiten 10 +1 Colorpencil Set, Vol. 1



When translated literally from Japanese to English, Irojiten means 'colour dictionary', or 'colour encyclopaedia'. Whichever translation you choose, it is a pretty apt way of describing these pencils, as each set contains 10 coloured pencils, and each volume has its own index of colours.

Each volume is designed to look and open like a book, with an elastic closure to keep the top closed and all the pencils in place. The spine and cover of each book carries the Irojiten branding and the volume number and name in silver hotfoil print.

The pencils themselves are high-quality wax-based pencils which blend and layer easily without the waxy build-up associated with cheaper pencils. Each pencil is coated with a layer of brilliant white paint and then has the end dipped to match the colour of the lead. All barrel print is silver hotfoil embossed to match the display boxes.

Made in Japan


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