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Viarco Duft Blyanter 6 stk, Lavender



Beautifully scented Viarco pencils.

 A perfumed collection of pencils, each set includes 6 x HB pencils. The Collection is named after the Backyards and Gardens of Portugal by Viarco who state:

“When visitors come to Viarco invariably associate the smell of cedar wood used in the production of the pencil as an intimate scent of childhood. This olfactory/affective association connected to the pencil is the base of this whole project, with which it intends to create a small olfactory portrait of Portugal’s Backyards and Gardens.  In partnership with i-SENSIS perfume design, we created the collection Backyards and Gardens of Portugal with scents of Orange Flower, Lily of Valley, Jasmine, Peony, Fig and Lavender.  A small tribute to our grandparents´ homes”

In partnership with i-SENSIS – perfume design, Viarco created the collection Backyards and Gardens of Portugal.

These pencils are sold as a bundle of 6 of a single scent as pictured, each scent sold separately.

  • Alfazema – Lavender
  • Flor de Laranjeira – Orange Blossom
  • Jasmim – Jasmine
  • Peonia – Peony



Viarco have been making quality pencils innorthern Portugal since 1907. They produce an array of inventive graphite tools and collaborate with designers to create unique and beautifully designed packaging that celebrates their roots. Viarco pencils are constructed using old methods and quality materials, for a writing tool that is versatile and well made. They are iconic in Portugal, and are used by schoolchildren, artists, writers, and everyone in between. Since 2007, Viarco has successively launched innovative materials in the market world, fruit of many collaborations, experiences and friendships. That is why Viarco continues – and will continue – to be a company with an open door.

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