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HMM Ballpointpen MISTY BLACK



Simple elegance. Agile lightness.

HMM Ballpoint is made of aluminum alloy, and weighs only 22g for light and comfortable maneuver, suitable for writing over an extensive period. Heavy-duty spring is used for the click structure to give a sturdy and resolute hand feel. 

The RAW color exposes the material’s primitive beauty, where the body is aged through vibration polishing for better grip and subdued texture. Misty black, a mysterious mature color with a hint of calmness; combined with the dodecagonal barrel, the pen is slick and elegant, subtle yet free-spirited. The intriguing color is impossible to look away. 

Material Finely crafted milled aluminum
Dimension Ø11*136mm
Weight 22g
Refill SCHMIDT Refill P900M

Made in Taiwan



HMM, stands for Human - Made - Method. They believes that everyone has a artisan spirit in them, and thrive for quality and perfection. They care about how the subtlety connects objects with humans. From bestowing new meanings on daily supplies to realizing inspirations for future lifestyles, HMM create their works not only to function but to breathe life into the design.
Human  The Human Touch Made  The balance between Artisan and Industrial Goods Method  Methodical Functions and Aesthetics. With selected materials and skilled craftsmanship, HMM´s classic and timeless products are ready to embellish your daily life. Based in Taipei, Taiwan.

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