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KOI Coloring Brush Pens Manga Sett



Koi Brush Pens from Sakura allow you to make fine, medium or broad-brush strokes all from one pen.

The transparent colours are easy to mix and allow you to create a variety of colours and effects. The water-based odourless solvent ensures beautiful, subtle colour mixes. These Sakura Koi Coloured Manga Pens are ideal for manga, illustrations, magazines, sketches, comic art etc. They have flexible and remarkably robust nylon tips. The tips have the characteristics of an artist's brush and spring back to their original shape after each brushstroke. Depending on the amount of pressure applied, they allow the drawing of fine and medium lines as well as wide-area painting.

This Sakura Koi Coloured Manga Pen Set contains: Pale Orange, Naples Yellow, Dark Brown, Coral, Fuchsia and Wood Brown


  • Made in Japan, these pens are perfect for all manner of creative pastimes and ideal for students, graphic artists, illustrators, hobbyists and crafters alike.
  • These dye-based pens can add bright, vibrant colour to any sketch, drawing or doodle.
  • The transparent nature to the ink allows for overlaying colours making for endless colour options.
  • The non-solvent, odourless ink can also be easily blended to make a multitude of hues, gradation and effects.


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