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MD Paper Notatbok Journal Grid Block, A5



A simple notebook that is optimized to make writing easy. The “note” in “notebook” also means “to notice”. Writing, diagrams and pictures are all ways that people immortalize the things they notice during their day-to-day life.

MD Notebook is designed for simplicity so that what’s on your mind can be put on paper easily. The threaded binding with 16-page quires bound at the back with thread makes the pages both robust and easy to open.

Each notebook comes without cover because it could make a notebook more difficult to open, or cause wobbling. This gives the MD Notebook an iconic design where you can see the mesh on the spine. But if you prefer to protect its cover, you can take a look at the cover from MD Paper.

Another iconic feature of the MD Notebook is the string attached to the spine. Each type of notebook now has its own color of string, with a white string in the cotton type and an orange string in the diary type. This adds a tasteful accent that can be glimpsed through the white spine and between the pages.

Md Paper Notebook Journal A5 Grid Block is a new concept of diary. It features one week on two pages with eight section. A wide variety of styles can be used⁠: plan your days by hour or make a to-do list with bullet points to make your diary your own.

192 pages in total. 

Height 210 mm
Width 148 mm
Depth 11 mm

Made in Japan

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