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Linex Antislide linjal, 20 cm



Linex Super Ruler

  • An exclusive Linex product which has received widespread fame due to it's versatility for following, measuring and drafting lines alike.
  • Features dual bevels.
  • Perfect for tracing.
  • Twin rubber strip stops the ruler from sliding during usage.
  • Whilst tilting the ruler, the rubber is lifted from the paper and the ruler will glide along the paper on the acrylic rib with ease.
  • Crafted from perfectly transparent acrylic with a green middle. 
  • The ruler is perfect for use both at school and at home. On one side the ruler measures from 0-20 cm and on the other it starts at 0 in the middle, and measures 10 cm out both ways. At the top there is a small hole so it can be hung up.
  • Dimensions:
    - L: 22 cm
    - W: 3.5 cm

Crafted from beautiful transparent acrylic with a green coloured core, the Linex Super Ruler is not only stylish but efficient with gripping rubber strips for stability and pinpoint precise divisions in millimetres, ensuring an accurate result every time.

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